Choose Joma chisels for dressing Chisel Edge Diamond Dressers concave and convex radii on all wheel sizes; for contour dressing on centerless grinders; and for angle and head dressing.

These tools use finest quality elongated diamonds and are accurately lapped to the required angle. Specify carat weight, angle, radius if any, and shank size.



40 Degrees
50 Degrees
55 Degrees
60 Degrees
75 Degrees
90 Degrees
1/10 LC1040 LC1050 LC1055 LC1060 LC1075 LC1090
1/5 LC2040 LC2050 LC2055 LC2060 LC2075 LC2090
1/4 LC2540 LC2550 LC2555 LC2560 LC2575 LC2590
1/3 LC3340 LC3350 LC3355 LC3360 LC3375 LC3390
1/2 LC5040 LC5050 LC5055 LC5060 LC5075 LC5090
3/4 LC7540 LC7550 LC7555 LC7560 LC7575 LC7590
1.00 LC10040 LC10050 LC10055 LC10060 LC10075 LC10090

Standard Chisel Diamond DresserFor precision form grinding, choose Joma tools designed for use on machines such as J&L grinders or with attachments such as Diaform and Hoglund dressers. They are manufactured using the finest quality shaped diamonds for longer tool life. Diaform, Hoglund, Moore, and J&L dressers are also available in PCD (man-made polycrystalline diamond). Joma also manufactures specialty form dressers such as the offset and nose tools for centerless grinders shown below.
Diaform Chisel Diamond Dresser

TOOL NO. ANGLE (Degrees) RADIUS (Specify)
D60000 60 .015 or under
D60001 60 over .015
D40000 40 .015 or under
D40001 40 over .015
D30000 30 .015 or under
 To order Diaform dressers, specify Tool #, angle, radius, and shank length.
Shank Lengths: 1-3/8, 1-3/4, 2-1/4
Moore Pantograph Chisel Diamond Dresser
TOOL NO. ANGLE (Degrees) RADIUS (Specify)
M60000 60 .015 or under
M60001 60 over .015
M40000 40 .015 or under
M40001 40 over .015
M30000 30 .015 or under
M30001 30 over .015
To order Moore Pantograph dressers, specify Tool #, angle, and radius.
Shank Length: 1-9/16

Hoglund Chisel Diamond Dresser

TOOL NO. ANGLE (Degrees) RADIUS (Specify)
H72000 72 .015 or under
H72001 72 over .015
td0000 60 .015 or under
td0001 60 over .015
H48000 48 .015 or under
H48001 48 over .015
H42000 42 .015 or under
H42001 42 over .015
To order Hoglund dressers, specify Tool #, angle, radius, and shank length.
Shank Lengths: 1-1/2, 1-5/8, 1-3/4

Jones &  Lamson Chisel Diamond Dressers

J & L
TOOL NO. ANGLE (Degrees) RADIUS (Specify)
JL50000 50 to .017
JL40000 40 to .017
JL30000 30 to .017
To order J&L Dressers, specify Tool #, angle, and radius.
Available in U.S. or Metric Measurements